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Irrespective of whether the design created by our in-house design team or your chosen designer, we are devoted to delivering competent & quality fit-out work to your space.

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The Workplace


  • What we believe in
    We believe that an office is more than just a workplace. It's a home away from home, a place where you spend early mornings or late nights, the breeding ground for hard work and creativity. It should endeavour to inspire, to comfort, to nurture and to communicate the company’s culture at first glance.
  • Design experience
    Innovative office design is about more than just changing the layout of your workplace. Dozens of recent studies show how the way you design your office interior affects the health, moral and well-being of your employees. ​ Reduced sickness and absence ultimately improves your bottom line, making good office design a vital component in the modern, highly-competitive business world.
  • Somewhere for everyone
    While some people have a set work style, most of us change work personas regularly throughout the day. You may find yourself quietly working at your desk in the morning, collaborating before lunch, and then on confidential calls in the afternoon. We design workplaces that support everyone, at every stage of their working day.
  • Design with intention
    Good workplace design elevates morale, improves productivity and reinforces your corporate identity. A great office interior also helps attract and retain a higher quality workforce. That’s why it’s so important that your office design properly reflects your business' identity and values.
  • 3D Modelling
    3D visuals are often associated with the end result , but we actually use this tool to develop the design, showing options of finishes, furniture and lighting; all the way throughout the design process. 3D visuals can be presented to your business to gather momentum and excitement for the project.
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Working with Us

When you work with us, we make you a promise - to deliver your office fit out with no fuss. We look after everything through your design and build journey, so you can relax knowing our team is by your side. Our parallel working approach means we look after different stages of your project in tandem – reducing handover and downtime between milestones.

We want you to be confident with your space before we begin. We’ll take you to speak with past clients and show you finished spaces. We can even bring your designs to life through renders and 3D walkthroughs, so you can be confident with your new space before we begin.


Fit Out Process

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Detail Drawings

As the first step during a fit-out project, we produce design drawings broken down into two sets, one consists of all relevant technical drawings for authority approvals and the other for site execution as per clients requirement.​

Authority approval drawing set is created and formatted specifically to meet authority requirements, and will be submitted to the various regulatory authorities. Based on our prior experience in successful approval negotiation, these drawings reflect the details that the relevant authorities expect on submission and base their comment and approvals on. Getting this right first time means we move onto the site faster, saving time and money. ​

The Execution drawing set contains interior design construction details required by our fit-out teams. They include Civil, MEP/IT/AV and bespoke joinery work details and are used on-site and in our joinery factory, and furniture division. These drawings reflect the agreed design intent to the minutest detail, including finishes, materials, Power, Lighting, HVAC, IT, AV etc. We treat these drawings as a live document, subject to constant updates based on any changes on site.

The next step begins only after you sign off on both technical drawing sets, and approve the finalized material listing, presented in a live-document format.

Thinking of siGNing a new lease?

Before signing your tenancy contract, avail our free pre-lease consultation service to save your time and money on increased fit-out and operational costs, longer construction durations, government delays, and besides all these, a compromise on the original vision for the workplace.

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