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Over the past 19 years, Spencer has gained experience with over 3 million square feet of space and successfully delivered more than 700+ projects.

Spencer is a design oriented, specialist fit out contractor in the UAE. Our in-house turnkey capability, of interior designers, engineers, project management and directly employed skilled workforce, deliver intelligently designed, precisely executed solutions for the office, healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors.Our multi-cultural design team offers clients holistic solutions both creative and logistic to ensure the client maximises not only on functionality of the space, but also their ROI. Consulting on all aspects of the project from helping choose the site that is most suited and relevant to the business aspirations, applying the latest research and trends to deliver an aspiring and agile environment that can evolve and adapt to the client needs.

Our open and effective communication helps us better understand you, your brand and your unique requirements. It allows us to share the constraints and potential opportunities regarding the project. The result of this is an innovative design solution and a smooth on time and on budget project delivery.

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At Spencer Interiors LLC, we believe that a world-class environment is essential for any business to build, operate, and grow. Here, we focus on balancing the client's current and future business needs, improving their operational efficiency, and enhancing their corporate image through sustainable design and fit-out. Through our expertise and commitment, we aim to deliver defect-free projects on time and within budget, thus ensuring value for money. Fundamentally, we design to stand the test of time!


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