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Veolia approached the Spencer Team to design their office at The Opus, designed by Dame Zaha Hadid. They wanted a shell & core design which would reflect their work ethos, attention to be paid to use of recycled materials, energy conserving MEP, Biophilia and natural finishes.


Furniture Layout was finalized over 3-4 discussion workshops with the core team, comprising their CEO, HR, IT & Marketing, after which it was presented to their Senior Management for approval.

Client facing areas like Reception and meeting rooms were placed towards one end of the U-shaped layout, towards the central void of The Opus allowing workstations to face the brightest areas of the space with expansive creek views, enhancing wellbeing benefits for all its employees. Various pockets of collaborative zones and quiet rooms for telephonic conversation & web meetings are introduced, encouraging connectivity amongst staff while also providing ample room for movement between designated areas


Based on a simple, contemporary design, the new space delves into the theme of 5 natural components of Earth Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Always surrounded by colour but not overwhelmed by it, the colour selection reflects Veolia branding in distinct zones.

Establishing a key design feature at a visitor’s first interaction, the reception space has seating around a live Olive tree, with recycled wood, green accent wall paint, carpet design with moss and stone pattern representing the earth element.

Workspaces utilize more neutral palettes of Greys and Teal and represent the water/ air elements.

Cafeteria and break out areas induce a sense of energy using accent shade of Coral to promote a more spirited, creative atmosphere. Wall murals with recycled materials, graphics encouraging healthy daily habits such as recycling, reducing food waste, and sustainable water, recycle bins for paper and other waste, convey the company spirit.

A Multipurpose hall for Gym/ Zumba and training with separate male and female shower & change rooms facilities contribute to employee health. This area represents the ether element with dark Blue and grey colours invoking the space theme.


The new office communicates a new sense of comfort and belonging through the use of natural, sustainable materials and biophilia.

On walls up to 5 meters from the external glazing, The Opus Fitout guidelines limit the colour palette to white. After a visual mock-up, we were allowed to use paint and fabrics in light tones. The fitout specifications for the peripheral ceiling edge profile, specific roller blind specs and Dali system controlled dimmable lights were also adhered to.

Woven into the fabric of the design are Biophilic elements- Live tree, preserved moss, light fixtures with hanging plants, generous provision of planter boxes throughout the space

Step seating and locker shutters in the cafeteria were made of chipboard, reused bicycle tyre rims were repurposed for light fittings. Behind the reception, the branding wall was made of untreated sawcut recycled wood, procured for tracks from railway sleepers.

The Result

The client is incredibly pleased with the contemporary, tastefully decorated office that reflects their company vision and provides a collective space with improved social interaction and performance.


9,698 sq ft


Opus Tower, Business Bay, Dubai


12 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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