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Synergy Capital


The client wanted a modern and welcoming space that would create a productive work environment for their employees. Keeping this in view, our team undertook an onsite visitation to evaluate the available space and determine the best layout for the firm.

The site has spectacular vistas, with Zabeel on one side, Downtown Burj Khalifa on the opposite side of the center’s main entrance, and the Jumeirah Sea on the third side. In collaboration with the client, our team strategically placed closed offices and optimized the use of scenic views in client-facing areas such as boardrooms and meeting rooms. We also ensured that Mayfair’s space had its own entrance and was connected to Synergy’s spaces via a common cafeteria.


The design utilized a warm color palette of brown, beige, and grey to create an inviting and professional atmosphere. The accent colors of orange and green were also used to reflect the firm's branding colors.
A diverse selection of materials and textures were employed in crafting an exclusive and functional workspace. The circulation spaces have been defined using a concrete finish SPC, while closed offices and workspaces have been furnished with warm brown carpet with a paper-mâché inspired pattern for better acoustics.


Incorporating natural touches in office design can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also positively impact employees’ well-being and productivity. To achieve this, planter boxes have been installed in Synergy’s workspace, and a water feature with greenery has been added to the reception area. A bespoke shelving unit has also been designed for VEGAN fashion accessories, which includes a moss wall panel to create a natural ambiance.

In the cafeteria, a vibrant wall covering has been used, along with copper glass pendant lights to accentuate the seating space. The side entrances to Mayfair and Synergy spaces have been customized with vinyl graphics walls, creating a unique entrance experience.


An office that is designed with employees in mind can lead to a better work-life balance, improved physical and mental health, and increased job satisfaction.

All work desks have a sit-stand feature to promote better ergonomics, and bespoke shelving units have been designed to wrap around circular columns in a few closed offices. Most light fittings have been recessed or flushed with the false ceiling, with a few pendant lights used in certain areas. Collab areas also have pendant lights with acoustic baffles to ensure good sound quality during meetings.


The investment capital firm was extremely pleased with the final design. The space was modern, welcoming, and created a productive work environment for employees. The use of warm colors and accent colors helped to create a cohesive and inviting space for both employees and clients. The firm's branding colors were well-incorporated, and the placement of closed offices and client-facing areas provided a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout.


5,887 sq ft


Central Park, DIFC, Dubai


10 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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