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As this project was a complete shell and core, we were able to build on the ambience the client was going for from the start, utilizing the entire rectangular space while still keeping the space open.

All closed offices were scaled to the same size to ensure equal space for the clients’ team members, with the closed walls being left bare for personalized artwork.

Acoustics between the office rooms and workstations were important to the client, and we decided to incorporate partitions of glass and dark wooden doors that ensured sound insulation.


We chose a mix of different textures and materials that would help us create the desired effect. We placed a focus on the entrance where we fitted in a bespoke reception desk built with a mix of marble and dark wood, enveloped by textured walls that exude a welcoming and warm environment.

For in between the reception and the workspaces, we placed partitions of glass and wood of asymmetrical shapes that contributed to emphasizing the 3m height of the ceiling.

The dark earthy tones of the brown wooden doors helped ground the space while the slabs of glass in-between helped open it up and worked to ensure sound insulation between the office rooms and general workstations.


The positioning of the rooms as well as the seamless combination of materials and attention to detail, from light temperature to marble joints enabled us to deliver a result that fit right in with the client's request for a modern working space that they were extremely happy with.


3,365 sq ft


Burj Daman, DIFC


12 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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