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Private Company

Our client is a private wealth management advisory firm that is constantly developing its capabilities in the creation of mega infrastructure projects. They span the domains of developing, operating, managing, and owning international airports as well as setting up and operating major energy utilities. It is one of the fastest-growing infrastructure enterprises with a rich and diverse experience.


The family corporate office is a major player in the infrastructure sector, with world-class projects in India and abroad. With their wide presence globally, they wanted an office that would reflect what they do. A minimalistic design in a monochrome color palette, contributing to the high-end look and feel of their workplace.


“Less is more” may sound like a cliché, but in a luxury office interior design, the simpler the design gets, the more efficient it will be. Spencer directed the office design to the simplicity and layout of the area and furniture, leading to the optimization of space. Tones of gray, black, and white were favored with the occasional pop of yellow or gold in non-generic areas.

The initial concept was to create a layout with clean lines and a free flow of activity. However, since our team wanted to achieve an interesting interior layout within a limited budget, the idea to add curves to a linear arrangement came about. Curves were incorporated with the use of different carpets in the flooring design, as well as the lighting design of the space. Magma Remix carpet collection had a good range of grays in their carpet finishes which greatly helped achieve the monochrome color scheme of the space.
The furniture layout had undergone several revisions to accommodate additional client requirements. Closed cabins were built to have access to the view in addition to a well-lit space with natural lighting. Generous natural light in the workplace is important as it affects a number of health aspects like mood, sleep, vitamin D levels, and the eye health of employees.

Closed cabins and workspaces were also separated into two zones for a clear flow of activity. Brooklyn-style glass partitions and a smart glass system to elevate privacy were the key elements of the design.


With Spencer’s collaborative work with the client, a high-end-looking space with clean lines and curves and a unified color palette was achieved for the client’s workplace.
The client was satisfied with the design and was happy that the outcome of the office was in line with their expectations and budget.


5,402 sq ft


U Bora Tower, Business Bay, Dubai


8 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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