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Criteo understands that an office is more than just a workplace. For their UAE HQ, they wanted an adaptable, engaging environment that people would genuinely enjoy using, helping the company attract and retain the best talent in the region.

As a marketing organisation, they also wanted to stand out. This was no 'typical' office; it needed a truly unique feel when compared to other offices, not only in the region, but also within the organisation.

And whilst Criteo wanted an open-plan, collaborative feel - including a collision space that could facilitate all staff for intra-office meetings and international conferencing - they also needed quiet rooms for video conferences with clients and colleagues around the globe.


Our design team spent considerable time with the key stakeholders at Criteo, discussing and observing exactly how the company operated on a day-to-day basis. This gave the team a deep understanding of how staff utilised their old space, and also highlighted the key challenges ahead.

This research fed into creating a unique, adaptive design with a distinct personality for each area, whilst keeping the whole thing practical and efficient.


In sending time with the Criteo team, our designers got a feel of what ‘Dubai’ means to them. Words such as innovation, culture, harmony, dynamic, kept cropping up and it was clear, this project had to balance a forward-thinking outlook with a nod to the local heritage – just like Dubai does every day.

The design team zeroed in on the destinations, landmarks and neighbourhoods that represent old and new Dubai. The office’s corridor nods to the city’s vehicular spine, Sheikh Zayed Road, linking spaces inspired by Safa Park, Jumeirah Beach, DIFC and Dubai Marina into one seamless expression of the Emirate.


The adaptive, central collision zone updates and reinterprets the traditional neighbourhood cafes that dotted Dubai before the advent of the branded coffee shops. A palette of brick, concrete and salvaged crate wood was layered with colours reminiscent of the region - Persian Blue, turquoise and Mustard.

Look closely, and you’ll find an authentic, handmade rugs bought from Dubai’s souks - and LED filament bulbs that lend a serene amber glow! This creates a warm, homely informal breakout that caters to town hall meetings, large presentations, and even yoga sessions (just remove the furniture!)


An urban oasis within the office, the boardroom stands out because it transports the visitor into a w warm local home in Dubai with a nod to rich colours, noble metals and regional iconography. A bespoke Carrara marble topped table, made by the Spencer Interiors Joinery Division, is framed by a cracked earth floor and topped with a starched lit ceiling that ensures no-one ever suffers ghastly shadows while video conferencing!

​The TV is encased in a custom-built acoustic panel in teal, with an arabesque detailing in matte brass, forged in Dubai. And the whole thing is brought together with custom acoustic glass partitioning designed with Optima, to create a truly stunning yet practical space no visitor will forget!


With the project complete on time and on budget, Criteo got exactly what they asked for – a workspace that could be possible only in Dubai!

The office now feels truly unique, reflecting both the region and the company brand. The mixture of high-technology and traditional furnishing creates an inspirational and energising environment that sparks creativity, whilst facilitating maximum efficiency and productivity.

Spencer Interiors helped the staff settle in and maximise the use of their new workspace through a series of transition and training meetings, so everyone immediately felt comfortable about their new environment.

Overall, the project was a complete success. We feel privileged to have helped Criteo create such an incredible new environment for their staff.


5,572 sq ft


Dubai Media City, Dubai


12 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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