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UI Path


As the idea was to create a modern, fun and interactive office keeping the client's budget in mind, initial complex design was toned down without compromising on the essence. Existing office was demolished wherever required and new design/fit out was executed.

The design inspiration came from a vision of creating a young and vibrant space with a touch of Ui Path branding and technology. Making it an energetic and collaborative space to work for the millennial professionals.


The entry became a feature walkway with black metallic laminate backdrop & a world map made of 3d acrylic dots showcasing Global presence of UI path. Blue, a secondary branding color is displayed with a hint of led Lighting on bottom to create a floating effect on reception desk.

A funky pantry interiors added an element of fun .To create a more interactive space, a collaborative bar height seating along with an informal pouf in between workstation area around a chalk painted column was designed. Meeting rooms with branding on one entire wall depicts the company’s passion towards business. Each and every element was well thought of, whether it’s design and detailing of Ceiling, Manifestation, Wall graphics or the use of different materials and colors.


The result was a forward-thinking space with a modern aesthetic that blends the identity of the firm. The idea behind the design was to change the way employees work and collaborate across teams.

Team Spencer, sought to create a hub that would support its commitment to advanced technology, openness and sociability for Ui Path. Along with the mission to complete the task before time within the client's budget, without compromising creativity, quality & expectation of client



H Hotel Office Tower, SZR, Dubai


12 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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