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This project was fitted out in a shell & core space by Spenceri team in collaboration with Six One Studios as design consultants, who conceptualized the initial design. After receiving the client approved renders, our team worked in close collaboration with Sixone for the complete execution of the design.

The challenge in the process was to fit into the client's budget without compromising the design & quality. To achieve this, spenceri team had several workshops with the design consultants, going through different floor finishes, lighting specs, power & data layouts, to name a few.

The Process

The major inspiration for the design was SWVL's branding. The integral part of their branding - graphics with bus imagery & quotes and the shades of red, yellow & blue - were widely used to give a rough and street like feel to the workspace.

Some of the key features of the project include

The red metal grid ceiling, covering the entire reception area, with perforated metal sheets and inbuilt linear lights. Keeping in mind to align those grids perfectly with the vertical trims of the glass partitions.

The meeting rooms that feel open yet provide privacy for its users. To ensure this, the team built the meeting rooms behind the reception area, with clear glass and sheer curtains, which ultimately offered softness, enough privacy & an open feel to the meeting spaces.

The combination of the concrete, red, yellow and blue porcelain tiles along with the carpets, matching it perfectly with the wall paint colours and glass partition framing.

The black and white porcelain tiles at the bespoke seating area arranged to imitate pedestrian crossings.

A phonebooth with reasonable acoustic sound quality in spite of the low, suspended ceiling. To achieve this, our team used double-layered insulated gypsum partitions and ceilings, with a combination of custom and ready-made acoustic panelling.

The writable glass pen holder, which was in-built into the bespoke wooden frame around the glass, allowing the pens and duster to slide in and out easily.

The Result

The client was very happy to see a modern, lively, cosy yet open workspace, with a refined street atmosphere along with their graphics pasted on the walls, that reflected their brand identity.

The quality of work, our team's quick response to queries and on-time project delivery were highly appreciated by the client & Sixone Studios.


2,974 sq ft


One Central, WTC, Dubai


8 weeks


Fit Out


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