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Schroders engaged CBRE to manage the project and cost management for their new office fit out. Following a competitive D&B tender process, Spencer was selected by Schroders and CBRE to implement the design and fit-out of a new 220 m2 office in Precinct 5 Building at DIFC, with the brief to create a high-quality workspace that would reflect and promote their international brand.

The Spencer team responded as always sticking to the philosophy that close collaboration and collective strength is the key to a successful project. The Spencer engineering design and technical services teams worked in close collaboration with CBRE and the Schroders IT team to achieve some mission-critical IT and communications systems to be carefully installed in place and on time for a early handover. Part of Spencer’s responsibility during the fit out works is to represent the client Schroders while we are occupying the new office space and to ensure that the adjoining neighbouring businesses don’t get impacted by the fit out works, minimising noisy and dust-creating works and scheduling for most activities to be outside of business hours.


Schroders management vision was to design a unique and exclusive workspace for its employees that would welcome and host clients comfortably. The concept design of the space was inspired by the unique theme of ‘coming full-circle’. The new space houses a vibrant reception area, meeting spaces, boardroom and open working space that are unique but fully reflect the client’s international brand.


The main challenge for the design team was to provide the multiple functional areas that Schroders required within a limited floor area and still achieve a feeling of an open spacious environment. The entrance area marked a transition from dark to light. The reception was designed to be bright and the flooring selected was a light English oak. The main entrance door way is a strong statement finished in black. The feature blue wall facing the entrance has an oversize glowing halo shaped Schroder logo, that in turn reflects from the glass partitions opposite and illuminates the main central corridor. The open plan work area was designed to promote interaction and collaboration by eliminating any visual obstructions and incorporating a wide spinal walkway to encourage free movement and incidental meetings throughout. A dedicated gradient of green natural biophilia was incorporated to match and respond to the exterior green views from the floor to ceiling windows. Further into the office, the tone and hue of the space darkens to a deep turquoise. Elements within reflect this at a range of scales, from the cafe’s brass handles to the hexagonal floor tiles.

The Result

The overall result of the project was a transformation of a shell and core unit into an elegant work space with refined bespoke design solutions for the office, meeting rooms and kitchen. When the Schroders staff moved in and occupied the space we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback that it met their needs and expectations.

The project benefitted from clarity of vision shaping the initial brief from Schroders along with prompt decisive project management from CBRE, allowing all key milestones to be achieved on schedule, ultimately resulting in another quality design and fit out project smoothly delivered on time and on budget.


2,137 sq ft


The Gates, DIFC, Dubai


8 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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