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Sandvine (Procera) approached us to design their Dubai office. They wanted a contemporary look & feel to match their modern approach to business. Their design brief was open and they were looking for a fit-out. We showed the client our previous completed office projects from around Dubai which gave them the confidence to go with us.


The Spencer design team worked closely with the Sandvine multi-disciplinary team to create a space that represents their brand and strengthens the prominence of the company in the UAE. The new space provides an environment that is compatible with their Brand, Values and reflective of their culture. The main goals for the design were to create an identity for the company locally, and to attract and retain employees through an engaging environment.


Color is an integral element of good design. With so much psychology and emotions attached to the hues you choose, it can be tricky to curate your color palette when designing. Emotions are powerful and (whether we like it or not) drive our decision making.

With Sandvine’s amazing brand colours, we wanted to cultivate a strong emotional connection between them and their customers. We believe that one can’t tell a company’s entire life story in a logo or storefront—but branding colors provide a shortcut straight to their clientele’s hearts.

The Result

Utilizing our wide breadth of expertise to create a welcoming and energizing office environment that spurs progressive ideas, showcases the talent of our designers, aligns with our elevated brand identity, and attracts and retains employees.

We also created an activity corridor connecting the two sides of the space along the window periphery that gives astonishing views of the Dubai Skyline.

We prioritized flexibility by strategically implementing adaptable solutions, such as demountable walls, to allow us to easily modify our space to accommodate different needs.


4,667 sq ft


Business Central Tower, DIC, Dubai


10 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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