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SixOne Studio were appointed as the interior designers and exactly delivered the concept that fitted Kitopi. Spencer delivered the fit-out project from shell & core working in close collaboration with the SixOne team and applied special attention to the detailed bespoke joinery.

Together the designers and Spencer fit-out team developed a scheme that delivered the ambience the client was asking for. Functional fit-out details filled every part of the overall floor space, all delivered within an extremely short schedule and precisely maintaining a strict budget.

The main challenge to meeting the client’s priority requirement of a short delivery schedule was that on commencement on site, some of the base building was not complete, therefore coordinating with the base build main contractor and building management to arrange access to work and avoid obstructing each other and maintain two overlapping programmes required agility and very detailed management.


The concept design by Six One Studio was developed to schematic and detailed design by Spencer interior designers through an intensive process, but always maintaining open and collaborative communication madding decisions and execution easier and effective.

The Kitopi brand design theme is consistent through the whole space and immediately apparent from the reception area where the tiled welcome desk replicates a warm and welcoming cuisine workplace environment. The choice of different textured white & green surfaces helped create the desired moods of brightness & freshness

Brand Kitopi is continued throughout by the use of 10x10cm tiles on floors, walls & furniture, with elements of iconic kitchen utensils appearing on the background tile grid pattern.

Smart Architectural Dynamic Glass Partitions has been cleverly used on the conference and meeting room glass partitions to allow the whole space to remain completely open for most of the time and only reverting to frosted but still translucent vertical partitions when privacy is necessary.


The Kitopi client vision and Six One Studio design concept, combined with complete direct delivery capability of Spencer, enabled the team to deliver a from shell and core project, in just under 8 weeks. Great design, flexible collaborative decision making on specifications and procurement, detailed logistics planning and experienced project management and co-ordination resulted in a great example of a successful commercial office design and fit out delivery. The client’s level of gratification and the professional team’s positive approval with the end product, has made this a very satisfactory project for everyone.


4,306 sq ft


One Central, WTC, Dubai


8 weeks


Fit Out


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