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Emirates Explosives


The Spencer team was approached to deliver a Sophisticated & Dynamic work-space that results in more interaction, team building & transparency. The space was a shell & core office that required to be fitted.Client wanted to create more open spaces and few closed dedicated areas for meetings & introspection. As the office is not open for walk in visitors and only through invites, a reception area was not included in the design.


The idea was to create a space which as a whole reflects the brand, Orica. We took inspiration from the Logo & color scheme & incorporated that while designing. We proposed a huge curved LED wall, that proudly displayed Orica’s multiple industries around the world, that was later on changed to a collage of pictures on vinyl wallpaper. The rest of the office was kept simple to highlight the Collaboration area -the main focus of the space.


Design was woven around the unique Orica logo. Blue inspired us to inject color, brightness & life into the office. While the curves of the logo was reflected in the wall and ceiling, leading into the collaboration area. Space was kept neutral by using mainly shades of grey and white, with the addition of the brand blue. Also, to add the warmth & a modern ambience, light wood was introduced in furniture & in the pantry to balance out the coolness of the environment.

The highlight of the office is the bespoke collaboration table, built around the structural column. It allows for a standing unit for quick meetings. It is also fitted with bar height sitting area and a built-in bench and table, for people when they want to step away from their desk but still work in an open space.

Custom-made fabric acoustic paneling was introduced to all the meeting & quiet rooms. The glass partitions have frames around the door openings to block the spaces usually found around frameless glass doors, which helps to reduce the sound travelling between different spaces.


2,547.00 sq ft of shell & core office was converted into a very modern, interactive space in 10 weeks of time. The mixture of open spaces and traditional furnishings created an inspirational and energising environment that sparks belongingness, whilst facilitating maximum efficiency and productivity.The project was a complete success. We feel privileged to have helped Orica create an interactive environment for their staff.


2,547 sq ft


One Central, WTC, Dubai


8 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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