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BNY Mellon


In this project, we had to revamp an existing office in cream and brown shades and design & fit-out a new office space, keeping the reference of mood images of other BNYM offices. Except for some portions like closed office partitions and a few furniture pieces, which were retained, everything had to be refurbished. Moreover, we had to deliver the final space within the time guidelines, with the constraints of working office environment and amidst the Corona pandemic.


The design and fit-out concept were derived from the BNYM branding. The concept was to echo BNYM corporate identity through extensive use of Grey & Blue colour schemes and branding graphics. And to provide a vibrant, fresh feel to the existing space through a cohesive package by curating various elements from the reference palette.


The client wanted the office to be modern and themed with corporate colours of Grey & Blue. Owing to this, we selected various finishes to reflect the same.

Dark Brown Veneer doors and cabinets were re-veneered in a light Grey shade. Light grey carpets with dark grey carpet inserts were used in the work space, while Teal highlights were used in Collaboration spaces. Wooden finish LVT planks, were laid in a Herring bone pattern on the pantry floor to give a contemporary look.

All the lightings were reworked using LED panels and Frame light fittings to accentuate the circulation space and Lux level calculations were made to optimize light levels. The Vinyl graphics were used for accent walls to give a trendy feel and the planter partitions to offer a feel of nature. Minimal glass manifestations in a modern geometric pattern were included keeping the visual privacy & safety in mind

The Result

The use of vibrant colour scheme, trendy graphics and ergonomic furniture added energy to the space. The client was delighted to see a better utilization of space & ample open office area. The final result and ambience actually exceeded the client expectation.


5,158 sq ft


The Gates, DIFC, Dubai


12 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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