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AP Moller


Once we identified the elements from the European design school that would work best – natural materials such as wood, stone and fabric, black metal and cool tones, the real challenge for this project lay at site.

Given the premises was previously occupied and the old tenant had not dismantled their built, it was an exercise in helping the client understand the true potential of the space. Towards that our in-house 3d artists worked tirelessly to present the design team’s many permutations of space plan to better guide our clients.

The site itself posed a planning challenge. You enter via a long corridor, and the perpendicular walkway at the end is unavoidable because of the site shape.


We worked on minimizing the visual impact of these long spaces. The entry became a feature walkway akin to a boutique hotel, with the office concierge desk beautifully accentuated in carrara marble awaiting you at the end.

The other circulation spine was also allotted key destinations so that it felt like it was a causeway to an occasion and along the middle, we broke the linearity with a lounge area for staff and visitors.


Imagined as a chic Scandinavian studio loft, the lounge features occasion furniture from leading Scandinavian brands, our bespoke joinery by way of a wall to wall cabinet that conceals all kitchen space essentials and a lovely accent blue hue that takes after the company’s branding codes.

Light woods and subtle grays height the sense of space, as a combination of solid wood and feature carpet grounds the space.


3,052 sq ft


Currency House 2, DIFC, Dubai


10 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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