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Situated along the scenic beach of Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Alkalime is the ideal fusion of Abu Dhabi and Bali vibes. Its concept is to provide a feel-good environment for guests where they can work at peace, chat with friends, eat good food, or simply get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.
Providing guests with a sustainable and organic farm-to-table experience, the client wanted a complementing green interior with earthy natural colors, texture, and finishes that would bring its tech-tethered consumers closer to nature.


Inspired by the client’s experience in Spain where she spent long hours studying in cafes, a turnkey shell and core fit-out were required to provide enough space for everyone and to incorporate more of nature's best into the restocafé.
To turn this vision into reality, Spencer Interiors developed and executed the concept design that was created by Design Consultant’s (S&C). Our team focused on the refinement of details, floor layout, elevations, and bespoke to achieve a strong brand that aligns with the client’s vision and theme.
We also sourced, selected, and recommended alternative floor, wall, and bespoke finishes such as floor tiles, natural stone, wall texture finishes and paint shades, which unified the theme and brought visual comfort by complementing each section and providing amazing texture to the interior as a whole.


An integral aspect of Alkalime’s success aside from its plant-based and hand-made savouries and desserts, is a wellness and mindful space for the community that they serve.

During the initial stage, our team struggled to work on the limited space for the kitchen against the restocafé’s dining and workspace area. We had to come to grips with a lot of developments on varied termination finishes, especially on floors, walls, and joinery. But through our team’s joint effort, we were able to make it work.

We made sure that Alkalime has the right amount of seating options, generous lighting at different times of the day and night, good traffic flow for both staff and guests, and fully functional bespoke interiors. Wall decors and flooring were also meticulously selected to leave guests inspired and revitalized.


As soon as customers walk through the doors of Alkalime, they will be embraced by the warm, soothing, and healing touch of nature. Potted plants are strategically placed throughout the restocafé —hanging from a bamboo trellis on the ceiling, sitting on cupboards, or grouped on the floor.

Alkalime feels very spacious, enabling cross-interaction but also providing intimacy with its many group seating options. It has double-height ceilings and high casement windows that admit natural light as customers enjoy the serene views of the beach. It also boasts natural materials, organic shapes, and a variety of seating styles.

Its material palette centers on muted colors, natural woods, ceramic tile, and stone, presenting the idea of being coordinated. Design highlights are the rough, uneven stone surface of walls and floor which elevated the place’s raw and sophisticated charm, the major ceramic tile from Italy which added an instant character to one of its wall finishes, and the main bespoke bar unit that is excellently placed at the center of the restocafé.

Alkalime’s wooden tables, hammocks, boho rugs, rattan chairs, and ottomans were all thoughtfully chosen considering both its guests and the environment. In preparation for upcoming community events, there is also a book nook where bookworms can hang out.


Alkalime panned out as an airy, bright, and inspiring space with both subtle and direct connections to nature.

Both the client and Design Consultant (S&C) loved the outcome. The client’s vision for Alkalime to be a “home away from home” where guests can think, work, eat, and reconnect with their true selves was effectively carried out by our team.

Soon after the project completion, Design Consultant (S&C) referred Spencer Interiors to another client so we can work together again on another successful project.


2,088 sq ft


Mamsha, Al, Saadiyat, AUH


10 weeks


Fit Out


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