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At Spencer Interiors, we put you and your business at the heart of all our creative endeavours.

Spencer is a design led interiors fit out contractor passionate about delivering intelligently designed workplace, healthcare and retail solutions.

Looking to start a project? let's get you started!

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There is a lot more to Smart office design, or optimised workspace planning than just accommodating your immediate needs and delivering a functional solution.

Optimised workspace planning is a 360-degree approach to creating an environment that not only boosts morale and productivity but positively impacts staff retention and profit projections.

Towards that, the Spencer Interiors design team has amassed the skills and tools required you help your new corporate fit out perform to its optimum best; and that exercise starts even before we put pen to paper.

We spend time with the staff and key stakeholders to accurately assess how the office actually works, what your vocal and not so vocal needs are, how you interact and how you conduct business. This information guides our team in creating space plans that cater to your team and their future growth. 

No two companies are the same; thus a copy-paste design formula does not apply. Our exercise with your team will enable us to plan focus groups, hot desks, adaptive workspaces and collaboration hubs that will not only create a diverse work environment, but also motivate the users. 

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