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Freshening up your office space to be both appealing and practical for the productivity of the organization, wellbeing of your people and realizing your aspirations.

Should you modernize your office?

An office refurbishment is an exciting opportunity to refresh your workspace without the added complications of moving.


Refurbishing your existing space could be a way to transform your business without the disruption of a move; no one needs to change their commute, you don’t need to change all of your stationery, you can still get lunch at your favourite place. But it can be tricky. As you can imagine there is potential for a lot of disruption, it requires patience and strong communication with staff.

We are experts at this process, we’ve done it loads of times, we know that people still need to work, we know that people don’t want dusty desks, we know that people don’t want loud noises and distraction, we know that you have a business to run.

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As such we have a tried and tested system for doing this perfectly time and time again. We very carefully manage and co-ordinate every single stage of the process, keeping you and your business well informed at every stage. We plan moves of desks, we even space plan the different phases so that you can see where people will be during each phase, we build proper walls to separate off spaces, we perform noisy works out of hours, we communicate with you and your team.


Much as it would be lovely to go completely unnoticed, we will have signage and protection in common areas, so we’re not completely invisible, but close. The hardest part is keeping you off the site checking in to see how it’s all going. But we don’t mind, you’re welcome for a cup of tea any time (just let us know).

Take this exciting journey for your brand!  Request a call from our professionals. 

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Looking to re-design your office?get in touch with our team today

Undertaking an office refurbishment can be exciting as it gets. But there is a lot to think about! Whether it's from the design department or finding solutions for optimising your existing office space, our team of experts are here to guide you all through out the refurbishment process.

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