PRe-lease Review

Too often we find companies commit to an office space without a transparent understanding of the technical requirements or suitability for their needs.


With more than a decade of experience, we recognize the complexities and pitfalls of leasing office space in Dubai and the wider Gulf region.


why get a pre-lease review?


For each short-listed site, you'll have a clear understanding of all the relevant approvals required to commence and conclude the fit-out work.

Space Planning

The clever bit of space planning is dealing with the right metrics, and it's important to document it precisely; Getting the metrics right, can add spaces that you would not believe you might have fitted and this will not only save space but also money.We pay attention to the smallest details and help you fit what you need into your space. You'd be shocked to know that even a small change in the size of your desk will make a big difference to your Workspace.


Our review of the building guidelines makes you certain that the premises fully supports your requirements.


A detailed survey of all your short-listed sites confirms that the site meets the functional requirements of your business in terms of electrical load, cooling, provision of wet points, and other key requirements.

Workplace Study

We do study your existing Workplace as a part of our prelease review. By capturing trends & workflows and through surveys, we analyse the daily utilisation of your spaces, desks and meeting rooms which in turn helps us understand how your space is being used and allows for an efficient space planning.

Investment Security

Taking advantage of our free 'Pre-Lease Due Diligence Review ' (PDDR) services means you’ll have a full understanding of the commitment you’re taking on before you sign a lease – giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new workspace is perfect for your business.


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Before signing your tenancy contract, avail our free pre-lease consultation service to save your time and money on increased fit-out and operational costs, longer construction durations, government delays, and besides all these, a compromise on the original vision for the workplace.