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Design & Fit Out: Spencer Interiors & Contracting LLC   

Loc: Bldg. 49, DHCC   |  Area:   3,840 SQ FT   |  Timeframe:   8 Weeks

Kyowa Kirin-15.jpg

Kyowa Kirin is a Japan-based Global Specialty Pharmaceutical Company. They contribute to human health and well-being worldwide through their innovative drug discovery. Their state-of-the-art antibody technologies forucs on the core therepeutic areas of oncology, nephrology, central nevous system, and immunology. As they wanted to have a new office in Dubai, they reached out to Spencer's team to design & fit-out a space inspired by nature, simplicity and warm aesthetics.


Kyowa Kirin approached the Spencer team for design and fit-out of an office space that is elegant and sophisticated. They preferred a modern workspace with subtle and warm textures. Their office space included two units, out of which one was shell and core, and the other one was a fitted-out office space that had to be refurbished. 

Kyowa Kirin-6.jpg


As the client had two separate units to be designed & fitted out, we wanted to work in two different phases to ensure the smooth running of the client's business during the build process. Hence, we first worked on unit 1, while the client continued their business from unit 2. Once unit 1 was completed, the client's team moved to the new office, while we worked on unit 2. The expectation was to design a well-balanced office space segregating teams and incorporating greenery between them, branding that reflects the company’s values and principles and warm aesthetics that feels welcoming.


As Kyowa Kirin is a Japanese based company,we focused on including elements from Japanese culture in the design. We ensured this by, making a vinyl wooden flooring that resembles the traditional Japanese flooring; Bolon, that resembles Tatami mat (a traditional Japanese mat), colour tones inspired from their architecture. We also used a mix of white and wooden toned furniture for achieving the overall look. The final design embraced subtlety, asymmetry and integration of nature that aligns with Japanese design principles.

Kyowa Kirin-3.jpg
Kyowa Kirin-12.jpg


Our client, Kyowa Kirin was very happy to see a shell & core unit and a traditional office landscape, being converted into an elegant workspace that emits a warm aesthetic & feels very inviting and comfortable to its employees.

Kyowa Kirin-18.jpg

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