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Grant Thornton Collaborative Zone

Grand Thornton is a rapidly growing organization in the UAE. As they keep on getting bigger, their workspace has become inadequate for the requirements of their business and needed a spacious, dynamic, and flexible office where employees would actually want to come to work. To achieve this, they partnered with our team on our third project together to get the right fit out in place as they advance to the next stage of growth.


Traditional offices don’t work with fast-growing businesses like GT. As they keep on moving from one stage to the next, they require a dynamic workspace that can accommodate their expanding workforce. To optimize their existing assets, GT expanded and transformed the adjacent unoccupied area into a versatile multifunctional space, capable of hosting up to 50-60 individuals for training and meetings, while also providing additional hot-desking capacity when unoccupied.


When designing an office with growth in mind, it is essential to explore options for enlarging the area to suit varying team sizes. GT’s most important requirement was for their new office to accommodate the maximum seating capacity for hot desking and to provide ample circulation to and from the training room. With this in mind, Spencer Interiors created an open and free-flowing area with a central meeting room that floats and serves as the focal point of the office to provide a more efficient circulation. This island feature also provides additional privacy for the meeting rooms.

The space across the reception has been designed to replicate its aesthetics with a selection of furniture that conveys a corporate yet enjoyable ambiance in accordance with the corporate motif. To enhance versatility and functionality, movable and stackable furniture and fixtures have been incorporated into the training room. Fabric-clad sliding panels featuring branding have also been proposed to ensure privacy when needed, in conjunction with the pre-existing panels located across the two primary lift lobbies on the third level.


Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work. One of the highlights of GT’s office design is the series of stretched fabric ceilings that have three fixed dimming modes to accommodate various types of activities within the training room. Acoustics are well considered in this room with the use of the specified SPC Flooring and the suspended stretched fabric ceiling absorbing and deflecting noise within space.

Floor and furniture layout were also finalized after achieving a hot desking area that doesn’t cause hindrance to the office’s flow of traffic. Material finishes were carried over from the existing office, adding new and acoustic inspired finishes on the floor. All the furniture and fixed joinery and veneer cladding were executed by our Furniture and Joinery Team.

The most crucial work that the team had to focus on was the IT, AV and modular stage storage which were concealed without blocking or reducing the openness of the space as the client wanted to keep the open wide window view around the entire room.


The result was a cohesive additional working environment with a simple diversified approach to adapt to the form and function of the space. Our client was thrilled and happy that their office has been transformed into an open and lit space and was executed beyond their expectations.


2,974 sq ft


One Central, WTF, Dubai


8 weeks


Design & Fit Out


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